Another Country  Christopher Camuto  Henry Holt  Hardcover  Mint  $7.90
More about this bookSubtitled, "Journeying toward the Cherokee Mountains", this book is set in the Southern Appalachians - being "among the most beautiful, biologically diverse, and historically important regions of North America". As he details this country of old growth and ancient myths, Camuto unfolds the details of the restoration of Canis rufus, the controversial red wolf.
   Arctic Adventure  Peter Freuchen  Lyons Press / Globe Pequot  Paperback  New  $17.95
 "In 1910, Freuchen and his close friend, the famed artic explorer Knud Rasmussen, founded a settlement and trading post among the Greenland Inuit at Thule, only 800 miles from the North Pole. Freuchen lived there for 15 years, adopting native ways of life. In Artic Adventure he writes of polar bear hunts, of meeting people who had resorted to cannibalism in times of famine, and of the moving experience of seeing the sun after 3 months of winter darkness. Freuchen's warmth, wit, and tremendous literary ability make this book stand out from so many explorers' tales; it is a rich human saga." The New York Times says "Fascinating . There is not a dull page in it."
   Discovery  Miriam Estensen  St Martins Press  Hardcover  Mint  $8.50
 "The Quest for the Great South Land", Adventure and misfortune. Accentuated with striking color plates.
   Discovery  John K Terres, ed.  Lippincott  Hardcover  Very Good  $12.00
 1st edition, Subtitled "Great moments in the lives of outstanding naturalists." Very nice condition. Burnt orange cloth covers are clean and unworn. Dust jacket is less perfect, dirty along edges and with small pen mark on front and previous owner name on inside overleaf. Now in protective cover. Inside, green textured endpages are very clean. All else clean and sturdy.
   Fatal Shore  Robert Hughes  Knopf  Paperback  Very Good  $7.50
 QPBC ed. Chronicles the epic of Australia's tragic colonial history. Excellent reading that has remained a strong selling titles even 20 years after publication. Book is in very nice condition, slightly faded on edges but all else good, clean and strong.
   Glorious Adventure  Richard Halliburton  Garden City  Hardcover  Good  $18.50
 This is a chronicle of the author's journey whenin he follows the footsteps of Ulysses at Olympus and Ithaca. It is a marvelous book made of black boards, gold embossing on the spine. Worn on edges and spine. Endpages are maps comparing Ulysses' route and the author's route. Interesting mirroring inscription in the book, one posted in 1945, the other in 1980. Pages have deckled edges, and are clean, unmarked and all intact. Binding very good. The line drawings that introduce each chapter are wonderful and delicate.
   Great Adventures & Explorations  Vilhjalmur, ed Stefansson      Very Good  $12.00
 Newly revised ed, pub 1952. Endpaper maps. "From the earliest times to the present as told by the explorers themselves."
   Hide and Seek  Jessamyn West  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich  Hardcover  Very Good  $8.00
 Stated first but perhaps a second printing. This book chronicles a summer season when the author, in pursuit of solitude, lived by herself in a travel trailer on the remote banks of the Colorado river. Her reflections on life, people, the outdoors, celebrating an awakened and observant spirit. Book is in excellent condition with a very good dust jacket.
   Icebound Summer  Sally Carrighar  Knopf  Hardcover  Good  $4.00
 Most books about the Arctic are about the harsh endless winters. However, this book celebrates the beauty and marvel of the summer season. With lovely illustrations by Henry B Kane, the book is in good condition. The dust jacket, which is modestly worn on most edges, shows a wonderful scene of a polar bear spying on an eskimo. A popular title in its day, oft-printed, and enjoyed by many.
   Lost Tribe  Edward Marriott  Henry Holt  Hardcover  Mint  $5.00
 Subtitled, "A harrowing passage into New Guinea's heart of darkness". Well, this book is a disturbing illustration that modern civilization just cannot stand to leave a primitive culture alone. The author insists on finding the Liawep, a lost tribe in Papua New Guinea. Banned from visiting them in 1993, Marriott illegally ventures into the wilderness in search of his quarry. I suppose he has quite a story to tell and it seems to read along well, but it's a sad statement on our overbearing populace.
   My Wilderness: East to Katadin   William O. Douglas  Doubleday  Hardcover  Good  $20.00
 1st edition, Adventures in the American Wilderness from Arizona to Maine. Illus by Francis Lee Jaques. Worn dust jacket is now in protective cover.
   Passage Through El Dorado  Jonathan Kandell  Morrow  Hardcover  Very Good  $6.00
 Stated First Edition. "Traveling the World's Last Great Wilderness." "Tracing his path through the unknown wliderness of a continent undergoing the same dramatic changes as the old American West, Kandell evokes a vast hinterland of terrifying, exotic beauty as it experiences one of the greatest land rushes in history." Just a little spotting on page tops. DJ has a few tiny tears.
   Running North  Ann Mariah Cook  Algonquin  Hardcover  Good  $20.00
 1998. Stated First Edition. "A Yuokon Adventure." Signed "For Sandy with Best Wishes". White/blue cover - has white spots on spine - blue line down front cover. Inside is in near fine condition. DJ has minimal wear.
   Shadows on the Grass   Isak Dinesen  Random House  Hardcover  Fair  $6.00
 1st ed, Four short essays written during the author's time in Kenya. Slight water stain on front cover and some pages. No dust jacket.
   White Continent  Thomas Henry  William Sloane Assoc  Hardcover  Fair  $12.50
 1st edition, dust jacket is well worn. Subtitled "Story of Antarctica". A great adventure story depicting the Antartica when is was more wild than it is today.
   Wilderness The Discovery of a Continent  Rutherford Platt  Dodd Mead  Hardcover  Good  $7.00
 1961. Green cloth covers are slightly marred with surface aging and discoloration. Dust jacket has small chips along edges and general wear at corners. Now in protective cover. Book is square and sturdy with clean endpages and interior pages. The line drawing illustrations by Frances Ellis are delightful and realistic. The book deals with the history of the land now known as America, during the last three hundred years.
   Windsinger  Gary Smith  Sierra Club  Paperback  Good  $10.00
 1976, color photos, Owner name. One man's loving tribute to our great American wilderness with a unigue collection of songs at the end. Author has a good sense of purpose.
   Winter Beach  Charlton Ogburn  Morrow  Hardcover  Good  $9.50
 This is an attractive book, well-preserved. It tells of the author's sojourn along the Atlantic coast. He is captivated by the brisk sea winds of winter and the empty vast beaches. Mt Desert, Cape Cod, Long Island, Assateague, and down the coast to the Outer Banks. Tales of the vagabond. Very interesing and somewhat unusual. Book has very little wear, endpages are coastal maps, binding is good and pages are clean. Dust jacket is worn at edges and on the spine.


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