Caring for Your Miniature Donkey  Bonnie Gross  Miniature Donkey Talk Inc.  Paperback  Good  $30.00
 1998. Second Edition. 370 pages. Illustrated. Cover is worn and scratched but inside is clean and bright.
   Deep Roots in Rocky Soil  Priscilla Weston  Marion McPherson  Spiralbound  New  $25.00
 2005. History of Southern NH - 1771-2004 - the Colburn-Weston farm has been in the same family for 7 generations. Contains a history of the changes in farming practices and the physical buildings over time. Includes professionally drawn floor plans and maps and many personal stories from different family members. Black and white photographs of family, buildings, tools and recipes. Genealogy of the family and 2 letters from the 1890's. 133 pages spiralbound.
   Draft Horses an Owner's Manual  Beth Valentine  Rural Heritage  Paperback  New  $32.00
 2000. Oversized. "Are draft horses different from other horses? In many ways they are. This manual for draft horse owners comprehensively covers draft horse basics, monitoring health, things that can go wrong and what to do if they do. Co-authored by a vet and a blacksmith.
   Family Friendly Farming  Joel Salatin  Salatin/Chelsea Green  Paperback  New  $35.00
 "A Multi-generational home-based Business Testament". 2001.402 pages. Indexed. This agricultural business handbook offers hope and practical advice for good, successful family-run farming operations. Joel is an amazing entrepreneur and his upbeat, you-can-do-it (make a profit!) advice is refreshing and important. Seasoned Booksellers has a limited supply of autographed copies.
   Farm Machinery and Farm Motors  J. Brownlee Davidson  Orange Judd  Hardcover  Good  $26.98
 1920. 513 pages. This is a great book - lots of small illustrations throughout. Some notes on front endpaper but pages appear free of marks. Cover sturdy but spotted a little.
   Farming with Horses  Steve Bowers  Voyageur Press  Paperback  New  $21.95
 "if you want to get back to basics and use some real horse power on your farm, this book will show you how to hitch your horse to an implement, how to maintian correct lateral and longitudinal alignment with the proper rein grips, how to select your work horses, and provide information on different harnesses and collars. The easy to follow detailed photos will show you how to accomplish all these tasks and make your work with horses as easy and safe as possible."
   Harvest  Nicola Smith  Lyons  Hardcover  New  $26.95
More about this book2004. Photographs by Geoff Hansen. "A Year in the Life of an Organic Farm." "An intimate portrait of a small Vermont farm." There will be a book signing event in our Rochester store on December 5th at 4 p.m. - please join us if you are nearby. We will have copies signed by both the author and photographer after that date.
   Making the Farm Pay  C.C. Bowsfield  Forbes & Co.  Hardcover  Very Good  $50.00
 1919 Revised Edition. Intensive farming. 310 pages. Hard to find esp. in this condition. Clean pages. Cover has some soil but very sturdy and text and colors bright. Mustard yellow with black text and orange & black cornstalk illustration.
   Nature of the Farm  Douglas Allen  MIT Press  Paperback  New  $22.00
 2002. "Contracts, Risk, and Organization in Agriculture." Written by Douglas Allen & Dean Lueck. "A theoretical and empirical study of contracts and organization in agriculture based on the transaction cost framework. Transaction costs are important in agriculture because nature (for example, seasonality, weather, pests) plays such a critical role in determining output and limiting the ability of farmers to specialize. The book develops specific models and tests the implications of those models against data sets from across North American agriculture, as well as against historical case studies such as eighteenth-century European land contracts and the late-nineteenth -century bonanza farms in the United States."
   Poultry Management   U.S. Dept Agriculture  U.S. Govt.  Hardcover  Good  $16.00
 1907. Various Poultry Bulletins bound together from the Dept. of Ag. Poultry Mangement, Incubators, Varieties of Chickens, Ducks & Geese, Squab Raising, Guinea Fowl. Varioius dates on bulletins from 1907 to the Game Laws for 1910. Nice soft cover with gilt lettering. Wear on corners & edges.
   Salad Bar Beef  Joel Salatin  Polyface Inc  Paperback  New  $28.00
 Ah…The Face of Many Faces! Joel Salatin has done some great books - very exacting, very helpful for the professional farmer. It's a good life, the farming life, but come on..ya gotta meet a certain level of profitability. Joel is on that and delivers the technique and info to jack up the effort. This book centers on the cattle industry and develops from very basic outlines on pasturing and choosing stock to the logistics of moving cattle, feeds, marketing and economics. 368 pages, indexed. AND>>>>>we are offering the book at only $28.00 - save seven bucks off the suggested retail price.
   Second Cutting  Richard Ketchum  Viking  Hardcover  Very Good  $16.00
 1ST EDITION, pub 1981. This is a very clean copy with only the top page edges being a bit dirty. Dust jacket is very good in protective cover. Subtitled, "Letters from the Country", this collection of essays is by the co-founder and editor of Blair & Ketchum's Country Journal. Entertaining, humerous and wise.
   Storeys Guide To Raising Ducks  Dave Holderread  Storey Publishing  Paperback  New  $18.95
 2001 Another title in the great Storey Guides. "This comprehensive, fully illustrated guide takes you through every step of owning ducks."… provides up to date information on: individual breeds, feeding & housing, maximizing egg production, breeding for color varieties, showing, health care & disease prevention."
   Work Horse Handbook  Lynn Miller  Small Farmer's Journal  Paperback  New  $32.95
 2004. Second Edition. "Quintessential operator's manual for horses and mules in harness. The author is the founder & publisher of 'Small Farmer's Journal'. "This second edition greatly expands on the widely popular first edition, with hundreds of additional drawings and photographs, plus a revised and expanded text."
   Yearbook and Almanac 1899   American Agriculturist  American Agriculturist  Paperback  Poor  $23.50
 1899. Details of Agriculture of the times, but also commerce, political affairs, weather etc. Fascinating! Includes a list of the best 50 books for a village library. Exterior cover is missing and has been replaced with a navy blue textured paper slipcover. Decorative title page. Some of the early pages are creased and abused. Body of the text pages have browned and with a few pencil marks.
   Yearbook of Agriculture 1931   USDA  USDA  Hardcover  Fair  $10.00
 Green clothbound, 1113 pages, indexed. Book is relatively intact, some mottling to the front cover, and dirty page edges. Pages 707 to 710 have come loose but neatly set within book.
   You Can Farm  Joel Salatin  Polyface, Inc  Paperback  Very Good  $35.00
 Subtitled, "The Entrepreneurs Guide to start and succeed in a farming enterprise". Lots of great current information based on the authors experiences at Polyface Farm, Swoope, Virginia. If you are seriously considering a farming life, if you want to actually make money farming - buy this book. Salatin has a following and for good reason. The information and inspiration he offers is compelling.


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