Alewife's Garden  Jillian Van Nostrand  Radical Weeds  Paperback  New  $11.00
 2002. Signed. "7 Radical Weeds for Brewing Herbal Ales." Co-authored with Christie V. Sarles. A book about the ancient healing properties of ales by two sisters who have tested each recipe. Comes with an offer to send back and get free fresh seeds to get you started. "Easy directions for cultivation, harvest & preparation. Natural recipes for healing healthful home brews and basic information about each plant." 26 pages.
   Dictionary of Modern Herbalism  Simon Y Mills  Inner Traditions  Paperback  New  $7.00
 1988. Healing Arts Press, a division of Inner Traditions. "A comprehensive guide to practical herbal therapy". Herbal remedies used in the anglo-american and european traditions. A good, alphabetical guide to therapeutic applications. Easy, accessible information.
   Echinacea  Christopher Hobbs  Botanica Press  Paperback  Mint  $5.00
 A slender book that offers a great deal of very specific information on this healing herb. Echinacea has long been reputed to build the immune system and help combat viral infection. History, cultivation, attributes and habits of different varieties, medicinal properties are all included here. A very handy reference.
   En Garden!  Jillian Van Nostrand  Radical Weeds  Paperback  New  $11.00
 1999.Signed. Co-authored by Christie V. Sarles. 26 pages. "7 radical weeds for life support and repair - cultivate vitality." Comes with an offer for free seeds that you can have delivered when you are ready to plant.
   Genus Thymus  Dr Wudeneh Letchamo  Letchamo  Paperback  New  $58.00
 1st edition. 2001. 305 pages. This treatise on THYMUS boasts a full title of "The Scientific and Technical Profile of The Genus Thymus" thereby including "Botany, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Genetics, Ecology, Cultivation, Quality Control, Processing and Commerce". The book is extremely articulate and comprehensive, profusely illustrated with charts, diagrams and photos throughout. An exhaustive study that anyone interested in growing or using thyme on a large scale would find absolutely invaluable.
   GINKGO  Christopher Hobbs  Botanica Press  Paperback  Mint  $4.00
 Ginkgo is a worldwide herbal starů.!..and so begins this tribute to Ginkgo. An ancient tree and a very age-old part of traditional Chinese medicine, Ginkgo is enjoying a revival of interest. A welcome resurgence for it seems to apply itself to many things - improved memory, increased mental clarity, (ah we can all use some of that!), improved circulation, free-radical protection, and on and on. A little book with a wealth of information.
   Great Book of HEMP  Rowan Robinson  Inner Traditions  Paperback  Mint  $14.50
 "The complete guide to the environmental, commercial, and medicinal uses of the world's most extraordinary plant". "Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country" - - Thomas Jefferson. Originally published at $19.95
   Have Fun with Herbs  Albert, Mrs Farwell  Chicago Horticultural Society  Spiral-bound  Good  $2.00
 7th printing of this little spiral-bound notebook on herbs - how to grow them and how to use them for flavoring. X-library book and so has some markings of that distinction. 128 pages with index.
   Sage Garden  Ann Lovejoy  Chronicle Books  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $6.00
More about this book"Flowers and Foliage for Health and Beauty". This is a lovely book devoted to one of the most pungent, versatile and fragrant herbs on earth. Celebrated by healers, chefs and gardeners the world over, sage comes in a variety of hybrids and habits. The book includes many recipes, both culinary and medicinal. Was $17.95, now only $6.00! A lovely gift book choice. 144 page, illustrated, indexed.
   Secrets of SAFFRON  Pat Willard  Beacon  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $6.00
More about this bookPublisher overstock in perfect condition. "The Vagabond Life of the World's Most Seductive Spice". Was $23.95, now only six bucks! 225 pages, indexed, appealing dust jacket with lots of great chapter headings: "Heaven and Earth", "The Artist's Palette", "Death was Meant for This", "The Saffron Fields of Brooklyn", and many more. Read on.
   Serenity Garden  Jillian Van Nostrand  Radical Weeds  Paperback  New  $11.00
 1999.Signed. Co-authored by Christie V. Sarles. 26 pages. "The 7 radical weeds in your Serenity Garden provide vital nutrients, especially minerals, for maintaining strong, sound nerves. They work gently yet powerfully to calm anxiety, relieve tension, ease headaches and heartaches, resolve nervous indigestion, relax muscle spasms, promote restful sleep, and generally give you a break from stress-related symptoms, without side effects." Comes with an offer for free seeds that will be mailed to you when you are ready to plant.
   VALERIAN  Christopher Hobbs  Botanica Press  Paperback  Mint  $4.00
 Valerian has even cracked the shell of westen medicine and is accepted as an aid for stress, nervousness, and sleep disorders. This book tells about the history, folk uses, modern scientific testing and clinical uses of this popular herb. 71 pages, indexed.
   Wild Woman's Garden  Jillian Van Nostrand  Radical Weeds  Paperback  New  $11.00
 1998. Signed. Co-authored by Christie V. Sarles. "Wild Woman's Garden is an ancient garden for a modern woman. It's a place to reclaim the wisdom of weeds by cultivating the wild, vital powers of nature not only in the ground, but in the gardener. The seven plants in this garden have a special kinship with changing women. They nourish and soothe us through the hormonal ebbs and surges that flavor life after forty." Comes with an offer for free seeds that can be delivered when you are ready to plant.


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