Australian Tee Oil First Aid Animals  Cheyanne West  Kali Press  Paperback  New  $4.00
 1998. Alternative therapies and first aid for animals using tea tree oil. West is an experienced animal trainer and lover (esp dogs and horses) and offers an accessible and authoritative guide. 136 pages, indexed, modest illustrations. Was $12.95, now only $4.00.
   Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage  Cherry Hill  Storey  Paperback  New  $18.95
 "Facilities Design and Management". 178 pages, indexed, illustrated with many photos, line drawings and diagrams. Cherry Hill is a respected horse breeder, equine teacher and horse book author. This book has a nice tight focus on keeping horses on a small piece of land.
   Keeping Livestock Healthy  N Bruce Haynes  Storey  Paperback  New  $19.95
 "A Veterinary Guide to Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Goats and Sheep", a classic handbook since its first publication in 1978, this revised and update classic is packed with information. A must for the livestock owner.
   Pastured Poultry Profits  Joel Salatin  Polyface Inc  Paperback  New  $28.00
More about this book"Net $25,000 in 6 months on 20 acres!" Joel Salatin is well known for his ambitious and industrious work with cattle and poultry farming. His books are intense and informative. Self-published. 371 pages, indexed. If anyone is serious about poutlry farming, they must have this book. Was $35.00 but we got a great deal from Joel and publishers Chelsea Green at a recent conference where Joel was a key note speaker. What does it all mean? - Save seven bucks and order while supplies last for only $28.00!
   Pigs is Pigs  Parker Butler  A L Burt  Paperback  Fair  $10.00
 A strange little book about shipping pigs. Worn and aged around the edges. Several pages loose.
   Special Reprot on Diseases of the Horse   United States Dept Agriculture  USDA  Hardcover  Very Good  $15.00
 1942, USDA, Revised, Black and white illustrations, both drawings and photos, some color plates as well. Very nice condition, clean and sturdy.
   Storey's Guide to Raising Horses  Heather Smith Thomas  Storey Books  Paperback  New  $19.95
 A comprehensive guide to raising healthy horses, this is a hefty 498 pages of information by a women who has worked with horses her entire life. She has written numerous books and her expertise shows. A good reference book to have on hand for the novice and the pro alike.
   Storey's Guide to Raising Llamas  Gale Birutta  Storey Books  Paperback  New  $18.95
 This is one of the few books available on llama raising, written by a breeder devoted to the species - and one that has been actively involved in the llama industry. Gail Birutta was responsible for the formation of the Vermont Llama and Alpaca Association and developed an organic llama fertilizer for commericial distribtuion endorsed by the state dept of Ag. She and her partner manage a well-respected llama farm in the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont. 321 pages, indexed, illustrated.
   Storeys Guide to Raising Turkeys  Leonard S Mercia  Storey Books  Paperback  New  $18.95
 Breeds, Care and Health. A good resource for anyone raising turkeys. This series of books published by Storey offers a lot of security to the beginning steward of animal husbandry. Paperback, 199 pages with index.


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