Approaches to Sustainable Development  Robert (ed) Forrant  University of MA Press  Paperback  Good  $7.50
 2001. "The Public University in the Regional Ecomony" 434 pages - indexed. Inside pages clean. Cover has some shelf wear and curling.
   Biophilia  Edward O. Wilson  Harvard University  Hardcover  Good  $15.00
 1984. First Printing. "The Human Bond with Other Species." Ex-library.
   Climate Change and Tribal Sustainable  Walter Fernandes  NESRC  Paperback  Good  $20.00
 2001."Climate Change and Tribal Sustainable Living: Responses from the Northeast." Edited by Walter Fernandes and Nafisa Gog D'Souza. Put out by the North Eastern Social Research Centre and Indian Network of Ethics and Climate Change. Writing and underlining inside. Plastic coating on cover is wrinkled and loosening.
   Earth System Analysis for Sustainability  Hans Joachim ed. Schellnhuber  MIT Press  Hardcover  New  $38.00
 2004. Edited by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Paul J. Crutzen, William C. Clark, Martin Claussen, and Hermann Held. "Uses an integrated systems approach to provide a panoramic view of planetary dynamics since the inception of life some four billion years ago and to identify principles for responsible management of the global environments in the future. Perceiving our planet as a single entity with hypercomplex, often unpredictable behavior, the authors use Earth system analysis to study global changes past and future. They explore the question of whether the unprecedented human-originated changes transforming the ecosphere today will end a 10,000-year period of climate stability."
   End of the Road  Wolfgang Zuckermann  Chelsea Green  Paperback  Mint  $12.00
 This is a book that looks the car industry and the proliferation of an oil-based economy square in the face. "The problems of our transportation system are not cosmetic but systemic. No amount of minor readjustment will return it to working order; the system needs an overhaul." Zuckermann is a researcher and writer for EcoPlan International, a nonprofit research institute based is Paris whose mission is to find solutions to global environmental problems. 299 pages, indexed.
   Genetically Engineered Food  Martin Teitel  Park Street Press  Paperback  New  $12.95
 Subtitled, "Changing the nature of nature", with a forward for Ralph Nader. This welcome book takes an assertive stance against GMO's and discusses the many ramifications of a world where the genetic structures of plants are being radically altered.
   Healing Gaia  James Lovelock  Harmony Books  Hardcover  Good  $8.50
 First American Edition. "Practical Medicine for the Planet." Nice color illustrations. 192 pages - indexed. Inside pages are clean and bright. Dark green cover is in very nice shape. DJ is cloudy and scratched on the back - front looks good.
   Last Landscape  William Whyte  Dbouleday & Co.  Hardcover  Very Good  $26.00
 1968. Inscribed by the author to Ronald Rood (VT Naturalist). DJ has a litle discoloration.
   Radical Simplicity  Jim Merkel  New Society  Paperback  New  $17.95
 2003. "Small footprints on a finite Earth." "Many people feel the need to change their own lifestyles as a tangible way of transforming our unsustainable culture. 'Radical Simplicity' is the first book to guide you toward a personal sustainability goal, and then offer a way to lower your footprint to be more equitable among all people, species, and generations."
   Restoring Life in Running Waters  James Karr  Island Press  Paperback  New  $35.00
 1999. "Better Biological Monitoring." Co-authored with Ellen Chu. "Despite nearly three decades of efforts to protect the nation's waters, many of our waterways continue to be seriously degraded. 'Restoring Life in Running Waters' discusses freshwater ecosystems in the United States and the need for using biology to understand their present conditin." "Provides practical and effective tools for scientists, managers and anyone working to protect and restore the nation's waters."
   Road to Survival  William Vogt  Sloane  Hardcover  Good  $10.00
 Speaks to overpopulation and human impact on the environment way back in the late 1940's. Impressive and unusual to find such a lucid interpretation of conservation at this point in American history. Dust jacket is torn in a few places.
   Too Many People  Lindsey Grant  Seven Locks Press  Hardcover  Mint  $7.50
 "The Case for Reversing Growth". This is a succinct handbook that takes a hard look at the fallacies of growth as a solution to our social and environmental problems. A lucid voice in today's consumer driven culture. Published in 2000. 102 pages, indexed. Was $12.95, now only for 7.50.
   Upsizing  Gunter Pauli  Greenleaf Publishing  Paperback  New  $16.95
 "The road to zero emissions. More jobs, more income and no pollution." 'Zero emissions' has become a definitive term in the debate on sustainble development in the last few years. While considered a utoopian target by some, the concept clearly describes what business and industry of the future MUST aim to achieve. International perspectives, 219 pages, indexed.
   Water to Drink  Susan Lisa Toch  Phoenix Publishing  Paperback  New  $36.00
 2003. "This book is about our human and environmental qualities, with user-friendly concepts and how-to-guides backed up by real life experiences. You will embark kon a global tour - from small towns to large cities - demonstrating how an interactive, regional approach can look at many oints of view, and focus on our shared goarl for heatlh, welfare and quality of life, now and in future. " Text is enhanced with many illustrations. Author is donating proceeds to the Unified in our Diverstiy Program - www.anaturalresource.com.
   What Have We Done?  John Nolt  Earth Knows  Paperback  Good  $12.50
 "The Foundation for Global Sustainability's State of the Bioregion Report of the Upper Tennessee Valley and the Southern Appalachian Mountains". An assessment of ecological health of the region, it uncovers and elaborates on the human impact on different ecosystems - the forests, the wetlands, etc. and discusses water and air pollution, dramatic climate changes, municipal, toxic and nuclear waste, unsustainable transportation systems and general unchecked growth in the region. Very compelling. Published in 1997 for $19.95, offered here for only $12.50.
   Worldwatch Paper 78 - On the Brink  Edward C Wolf  Worldwatch Institute  Staplebound  Very Good  $4.00
 "On the Brink of Extinction: Conserving the Diversity of Life". This is one of many phamplets put out by Worldwatch Institute, a non-profit, independent action and research group devoted to providing information on global problems to scholars, activists, and politicians. This particular paper was published in June 1987 and includes chapters on 'A Biologically Depleted World', 'Exploring Terra Incognita', 'Reweaving the Web of Life', and 'Evolutionary Responsibility'. 54 pages, staplebound. Clean and unmarked copy.


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