100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names  Diana Wells  Workman  Hardcover  Near Fine  $6.90
 1997. "From baby blue eyes to silver bells, from abelia to zinnia, every flower tells a story. Gardening writer and historian Diana Wells knows them all. Here she presents one hundred well-known garden favorites and not-so-well-known stories behind their names. Not for gardeners only, these flower stories tell of human striving - stories of ambitious explorers, clever hucksters, arbitrary monarchs, and patient scientists." This would make a great gift! Book and DJ are in like new condition.
   100% Natural Organic Pest Control  tom Roberts  Book Publishing Co  Paperback  New  $12.95
 2002. For home and garden. Chemical free plants, fruits and vegetables. Biological insect control, companion plantings, soil development, etc. Nifty, full color drawings of the most common insect pests, though the scale can really fool ya. For example, an aphid is drawn as large as a Japanese Beetle. But check it out - the information is really accessible and the book answers a lot of questions- quick.
   1001 Garden Questions Answered  Alfred Carl Hottes  AT. De La Mare Co.  Hardcover  Poor  $6.50
 1930. Fourth printing. 293 pages - indexed. Green cloth covers, decorated. Edgewear. Spine is repaired with black book tape. Illustrations throughout - line drawings, diagrams and B&W photos. Pencil notations in the back NOTES section and index. The earlier editions of this book are prettier, but this copy is remains and informative little handbook.
   Abundant Harvest Gardens  Hank Bruce  Petals & Pages Press  Paperback  Good  $5.00
 2000. Co-authored by Tomi Jill Folk. "A Food Security System." Focuses on sustainable family gardens as a means of feeding the hungry. Profiles the Cellugro system (check out www.cellugro.com) which uses "about 20% of the water a conventional garden does." 29 page pamphlet. Cover is creased.
   Adventure with Flowers  Elizabeth Billington  Warne  Hardcover  Good  $3.75
 A young person's primer in flower cultivation and identification. Even how to run your own flower show! Well worn around the edges and several obvious but unobtrusive marks inside.
   Adventures with Hardy Bulbs  Louise Beebe Wilder  Collier Macmillan  Paperback  Very Good  $4.00
 1990. "The Classic Work on the Care and Cultivation of over 350 Flowering Bulbs for the Garden." With a foreword by Allen Lacy. Vivid, green paper cover with photo of a showcase tulip bed. Part of the American Garden Classics series. 363 pages, indexed. Mostly this is an annotated, alphabetical listing of bulbs, detailing their habits and horticulture. Book is in very good condition, some creases and wear at corners. Inside is clean and unmarked. A sturdy used copy.
   Afterlife of Flowers  Janie Feldman Gross  Running Press  Hardcover  Mint  $20.00
 Hardcover, with beautiful dust jacket. Book illustrates freshly pressed flowers and couples them with poetic reflections. Very pretty.
   Alpines and Rock Garden Plants  Richard Bird  Ward lock  Hardcover  Mint  $18.00
 HC Mint, Profusely illustrated with helpful line drawing. Care and Culitivation guide, very information.
   An Introduction to Cacti  Danny Schuster  Blandford  Paperback  Very Good  $4.00
 English import, small thin book with inspiring photographs of gorgeous cactus and lots of useful information.
   Art of French Vegetable Gardening  Louisa Jones  Artisan  Hardcover  Very Good  $21.00
 1995. First Printing. Photographs by Gilles Le Scanff & Joelle Caroline Mayer. Has those lush color photgraphs that just draw you in! Includes 80 recipes for what you produce. Oversized. Pages have a slight ripple and a black magic marker on bottom has bled in to edges inside. DJ has a nice picture of tomatoes in a basket, one tiny tear on back.
   Backyard Composting   Harmonious Technologies  Harmonious Press  Paperback  Good  $5.00
 This slender paperback has gone back to press nine times. It is a handy little book that offers a complete and basic look at the art of composting. Subtitled, "Your guide to Recycling Yard Clippings". It promotes composting as a part of conscious, responsible living. Live simply, sustainably and with due respect for the impact human beings place on the planet. At the very least we can compost our waste! The colorful cover is a mite scuffed and with overall wear around the edges. Binding strong, pages clean and unmarked. Original retail - $6.95.
   Basic Composting  Eric (ed.) Ebeling  Stackpole  spiral bound  New  $16.95
 2003. "All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started." Very clear and simple color photographs so you can really figure out what's going on. Has handy spiral binding so you can lay flat while you follow directions.
   Best of American Gardening  Ken and Pat Kraft  Walker  Hardcover  Good  $3.75
 A very interesting book which revives many effective and creative ideas from centuries past. Putting up the harvest, organic pest control, cold frames, etc. Book is very good shape. Public library book plate on front end page. Dust jacket in protective cover, but worn and faded on the spine.
   Blue Corn & Square Tomatoes  Rebecca Rupp  Storey  Paperback  Good  $8.00
 1987. "Unusual facts about common garden vegetables." Fascinating! A little curling & creasing on cover. Inside is clean & bright.
   Bold and Brilliant Garden  Sarah Raven  Adams Media Corporation  Hardcover  New  $19.95
 1999. Deep purple cloth covers with vibrant, colorful dust jacket picturing a tulip up-close and personal. Gorgeous flower photography on every page by Jonathon Buckley. If you are looking for inspiration - check this book out. It is indeed, both bold and brilliant. Watercolor illustrations of garden plans, showing color and texture combinations, complement the photos and text. Very nice and easy to recommend. Was $29.95, now only $19.95. Save ten bucks!
   BOLD and Exotic Plants  Noel Kingsbury  Watson Guptill  Hardcover  Mint  $10.00
 "Using Form and Shape to Create Visual Impact in the Garden". This is a tall, kind of skinny book - very attractive with deep blue cloth over boards and helpful hardiness zone maps for endpages. Full dust jacket is very vibrant and green. Beautiful photography by Andrea Jones is used to illustrate the many ways of landscaping and using plants for dynamic affect. Very nice. 110 pages, indexed.
   Book of Garden Secrets  Dorothy Hinshaw Patent  Camden House  Paperback  Very Good  $7.00
 1991. "Harrowsmith Country Life Book of Garden Secrets." Dorothy Hinshaw Patent & Diane Bilderback. "A down to earth guide to the art and science of growing better vegetables." 349 pages - indexed. Black & white drawings, color photographs. Cover only has a few scratches and a little slight curling. Inside pages are like new.
   Breath From Elsewhere  Mirabel Osler  Arcade  Hardcover  Mint  $6.00
 From the author of the wonderful book "A Gentle Plea for Chaos", this is a very attractive garden literature title with many wonderful vignettes - like "deadheading the guilt" and "surfing the flower beds". Gardeners will understand! Was $21.95, now only $6.00!
   BULB GARDENING  A J MacSelf  Scribners  Hardcover  Very Good  $15.75
 1925. Green cloth over boards with black lettering on front and spine. Minor edgewear at corners and spine. Inside endpages are aged and slightly discolored. The book is very sturdy with a strong binding and pages are clean and unmarked. Pages are bound untrimmed and include four color plates, about a dozen half-tones and even more line drawings. Very nice book covering all of tthe most common bulbs and flowering tubers.
   Bulbs  Roger Phillips  Random House  Paperback  Very Good  $12.00
 Oversized paperback. Literally packed with information and excellent illustrations and photographs. Recommended guide. 2nd printing.
   BULBS  James Underwood Crockett  Time Life Books  Hardcover  Good  $6.00
 Crockett went on to do great things in garden writing. This is an early work with Time Life publications.
   By Light of Sun  Elsie Symington  Putnam  Hardcover  Very Good  $17.50
 Second impression of this 1941 publication. In Light of the Sun, we encounter the story of the growth of a mind and the soul of a gardener. In it we follow the spiritual ascendancy of a questing mind and the adventures of hands that have never lost contact with the abundant earth. Marvelous woodcuts by Claire Leighton. The book is somewhat unassuming with a casual front, green cloth over boards and some gilt accent on the title. The spine has lost it's shine but otherwise the book has little wear. Pages are all good and clean. Binding strong.
   Cacti Succulents and Tropical Plants  Nicky Hayden, ed  Severn Valley Press  Hardcover  Good  $9.50
 This is a slender, oversized volume devoted to Cacti. Published in Britain in 1976, it has dull green cloth covers with decorated endpages and a full, very colorful dust jacket (now in protective cover). The book would be entertaining and informative for anyone who loves to grow Cacti and other strange, tropical plants. It includes a good section on growing tropical plants in the greenhouse. 88 pages, indexed.
   Cactus Culture for Amateurs  William Watson  UK Link House  Paperback  Poor  $5.00
 An old and interesting expose on cactus culture. William Watson was the curator at the infamous Kew Garden in Britian
   Camellias Kinds and Culture  Harold Hume  Macmillan  Hardcover  Very Good  $23.50
 1951. Green cloth covers. Gold lettering and flower decoration on front and spine. Minor edgewear at corners and spine. No dust jacket. Inside pages are clean and unmarked. Binding strong. A very nice volume for the camellia lover. Includes several camellia ephemera, a little 20 page phamplet on Azaleas and Camellias by Reliance, and a greeting card illustrating a Camelia Tokai.
   Clay Perry's Fantastic Flowers  Maggie and Clay Perry  Kyle Cathie UK  Hardcover  New  $19.50
More about this bookThis British import is an absolutely stunning volume of the most outrageous flowers; a visual feast of exotic blooms found throughout the world. Some of the photographs bring the striking beauty of a common flower into full blown view, others showcase the dramatic glory of rare, unfamiliar species. For each flower, Maggie Perry complements the her husband's photos with intrigueing information on each flower's historical and cultural background, as well as it's habitant and advise on how to grow the plant. Very nice and astounding at the low (publisher overstock) price of only $19.50. READ MORE.
   Climbers  Richard Ross  Ryland  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $15.98
 1999. Colouring Gardening. With photography by Jerry Harpur and Marcus Harpur. Nice color photography, simple text. All kinds of flowering vines are featured. A good inspirational book for the coming of spring. Publisher overstock, perfect condition, bargain price.
   Clovers & How to Grow Them  Thomas Shaw  Orange Judd  Hardcover  Good  $20.00
 1918. Illustrated. 349 pages - indexed. Sturdy brown tweedy cover - lightly worn. No DJ. Endpapers spotted. Few small marks inside.
   Color Dictionary of Flowers and Plants  Ray Hay  Crown  Paperback  Very Good  $9.00
 Paperback, later printing (1986)of a classic. Love this Color Dictionary! Great identification and growing guide.
   Colourful Gardening BULBS  Richard Ross  Ryland Peters and Small  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $9.98
 1999. Publisher overstock in mint, as new condition. First printing. London. Deep green cloth covers with a full color, vibrant dust jacket. Inside, endpages depict a close-up of a purple hyacinth. The color photography by Jerry Harpur and Marcus Harpur is just beautiful. Book is organized by season of bloom. Information is presented in a straight-forward way and the whole effect is one of inspiration and color. Very lovely book for an absolutely great price.
   Common Marsh Underwater & Floating-Leave  Neil Hotchkiss  Dover  Paperback  Good  $16.00
 1972. 124 pages, "…..Plants of the United States and Canada". With over 750 simple, but clear line drawing illustrations of plants often overlooked in many horticulture texts. Definitely fills a gap. This is an unabridged reprinting of publications with very similar titles released in 1967 and 1970. Plants are arranged in groups according to appearance; illustrations within the general groupings make identification possible. Book was part of a private environmental library and has several property marks as such. Slightly worn on edges. All else is clean and sturdy. Nice copy.
   Complete Bk of Growing Plants from Seed  Elda Haring  Hawthorn  Hardcover  Very Good  $15.00
 1967. Includes information on the cultivation of seeds for trees, vines, shrubs, houseplants, vegetables, and flowers. A very interesting chapter of starting seeds for wild plants. 146 B&W photographs. Published 1967. Book is nice green cloth over boards, black lettering. Very little wear. Dust jacket is still bright, though some edgewear at corners and spine. Prcie clipped. Decorative endpages illustrate 80 seedlings to identify. DJ in protective cover. Line illustrations (love the day lily drawing across from title page) by Kathleen Bourke. Photographs by Walter Haring. Pretty cool book.
   Complete Guide to Growing Nuts  Louise Riotte  Taylor  Paperback  Mint  $8.00
 This is an organic handbook for growing healthy and handsome nut trees in your own yard. How to effectively prune and graft trees, spacing, production, harvesting and even tasty recipes. 162 pages, with index. Filberts, butternuts, walnuts, peanuts, pinyon, hickories, chestnuts, and more. Reduced from suggested retail of $9.95, now only $8.00.
   Compost by Gosh  Michelle Eva Portman  Flower Press  Hardcover  New  $16.95
 Published by Flower Press out of Michigan, and devoted to the fine art of teaching composting and "back-to-the-soil concepts" to young folks, this is a delightful, colorful hardcover with quirky illustrations and simple, straight-forward text. Great for homeschooling and traditional school projects. Make learning fun!
   Composting  Liz Ball  Workman  Paperback  Mint  $7.50
 Published in cooperation with Smith&Hawken, a complete guide for backyard composting.
   COMPOSTING A study of the process  Clarence Golueke  Rodale Press  Paperback  Very Good  $3.00
 1972. An early Rodale Press publication, this is a small booklet devoted to the fine art and application of compost. Helpful to anyone interested in sustainable agriculture.
   Concise Dictionary of Gardening  A.J. MacSelf  Amateur Gardening  Hardcover  Good  $25.00
 British publication in 2 volumes, HC, quite worn about the edges, and age spots on the pages. Spine good. Interesting.
   Containers A Garden Project Workbook  George Carter  Stewart Tabori and Chang  Hardcover  Mint  $10.00
 A really nifty book featuring fold out pages for each many projects illustrated. First you get a beautiful photograph of the project, then you fold out the page to see exactly, step-by-step, how it is created. Inventive and inspiring. Originally published at $22.50.
   Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady  Edith Holden  Holt Rinehart Winston  Hardcover  Very Good  $15.00
 HC in VG condition, DJ somewhat worn. Later printing. Heavy page stock with an antique wash. Beautiful seasonal musings of gardening with lovely paintings on every page of birds, butterflies, bees, and flowers.
   Creating Bonsai Landscapes  Su Chin Ee  Storey  Paperback  Pub Overstock  $5.98
 2003. 18 Miniature Garden Projects. Originally listed at $24.95 - now only $5.98! 128 pages.
   Crockett's Indoor Garden  James Crockett  Little Brown  Paperback  Fair  $9.00
 1978. First Edition. Out of Print. 175 beautiful color photographs by Russell Morash. Pictorial cover is cloudy, scratched and has a slight crease on the front. Near the back some pages are wrinkled and have stains at the top corners.
   Cultivating Delight  Diane Ackerman  Harpercollins  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $9.00
More about this bookIn keeping with the mode of her bestseller, A Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman again celebrates the sensory pleasures in her new (fall 2001) book, "Cultivating Delight". A beautifully produced book with a marvelous dust jacket of flowers and butterflies against a dark backdrop. Endpages are a mustard gold with a line of bugs silohetted in black. Pages have deckled edges. "I plan my garden as I wish I could plan my life, with islands of surprise, color and scent." A marvelous gift for any nature enthusiast, gardener or botonist. 1st edition, mint condition. Was $25.00, now only $9.00 while supplies last!
   Designing with Roses  Tony Lord  Francis Lincoln, LTD  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $18.00
 1999. Beautiful book, green cloth covers with vibrant, colorful dust jacket. Publisher overstock in mint condition, clean, unmarked, and perfect. Inside, are teal endpages, and 192 pages of gorgeous photographs of roses. Indexed for easy reference. An absolutely lovely book at a super great price.
   Discovering Annuals  Graham Rice  Frances Lincoln  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $14.98
 1999 "In Discovering Annuals Graham Rice's fresh approach, lively text and contemporary ideas quickly dispel the unfashionable image that has hampered annuals for so long. His carefully colour-coordinated planting suggestions demonstrate that familiar plants can take on new lives in thoughtful combinations and that unusual annuals have their place alongside old favorites. Here, annuals are revealed as key plants for creative gardeners." Beautiful color photographs.
   Diseases and Pests of Ornamental Plants  Pascal Pirone  Ronald Press Co.  Hardcover  Good  $16.00
 1960. Third Edition. New York Botanical Garden. Co-authored by Bernard Dodge & Harold Rickett. Part I has chapters on Diseases classified by symptoms and causes; Bacteria & Fungi; Insects and Other Animal Pests; and Control. Part II has diseases and pests of particular hosts arranged alphabetically by botanical name of host. 776 pages - indexed and illustrated. Green cover with silver text is soiled, scuffed and bumped at corners. Stain on very outer edges of pages (not very visible when open) - otherwise free of marks.
   Dried Flowers  Susan Conder  Gallery Books  Hardcover  Very Good  $8.50
 1988. "Complete Guide to Making & Arranging Dried Flowers." "For each season, the text explains what to look for in the shops, garden and countryside. The suggested projects follow the annual cycle, and are reinforced by the appropriate skills and techniques, clearly described and illustrated by photographs." Some tiny tears on DJ - all else fine.
   Early American Gardens  Ann Leighton  Houghton Mifflin  Hardcover  Fair  $8.00
 A period piece focusing on the gardens of the early American settlers. " 'Drawing strongly on Gerard, Parkinson, Culpeper. Ex library book with various marks as a result. 84 B&W lin drawings to illustrate.
   Earth Plant and Compost  William Brinton  BIO-Dynamic Farming & Gardenin  Paperback  New  $13.95
 2002. Put out by the Bio-dynamic Farming & Gardening Association. 73 pages.
   Edible Flower Garden  Rosalind Creasy  Periplus  Paperback  Pub Overstock  $10.00
 1999. Slender, 106 pages, glossy color paperback with wrap-around endflaps. Very attractive book - one in a series by established horticulturist Creasy on edible landscaping. Lots of striking color photos. Organic methods. Very nice and always fun to discover more on the fine art of edible flowers. Was $12.95, reduced to only$6.00!
   Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening   Rodale  Rodale  Hardcover  Very Good  $9.50
 1971. 16th Printing. Nice stury copy. Looks like someone pasted green construcion paper onto endpapers - also one has a stamp on front that bled through. Pages clean & crisp.
   Exotic House Plants  A B Graf  Roehrs Company  Hardcover  Near Fine  $9.90
 1973. 9th edition. 1200 illustrations, most in B&W, some color. Most avid horticulturists know this series of plant identification books. An essential addition to any plant lovers library - great for identifying both common and rare specimens. Excellent condition, a bit musty, but otherwise clean, sturdy, and unmarked.
   Fragrance in the Garden  Norman Taylor  Practical Press  staplebound  Very Good  $5.00
 1988. "Herb Basket No. 7." A lovely little handbook. Fragrant trees, shrubs & plants. How to make potpourri etc. 110 pages. A few tiny stains on cover - all else in very good condition.
   Garden Gimmicks   Walsworth Bros. Ed.  Walsworth Bros.  spiral  Good  $7.00
 1953. A wealth of hints and tips on gardening. Used by the National Council on Catholic Women as a fundraiser. Spiral bound -123 pages. Front cover is torn. Back cover is starting to come off and has an owner name on it. Pages are yellowed.
   Garden Making  L.H. Bailey  MacMillan  Hardcover  Very Good  $20.00
 1916. "Suggestions for the Utilizing of Home Grounds." These old garden books are just packed full of information! Includes information on fruits, landscaping, ornamental plants etc. Cover is bright & sturdy. White spots on spine are tiny - looks like paint. Very clean.
   Gardener's Iris Book  William Shear  Taunton Press  Paperback  Pub Overstock  $7.50
 2002. This is a beautiful, slender paperback with a vibrant color cover. An immersion into the marvelous world of the Iris flower. Easy to grow, with an incredible array of hybrid varieties, Iris's are found in every flower lover's garden. This book is 169 pages, indexed, with great color photos by Roger Folly. How to grow, propagate, and transplant. Profiles of your favorites and lots of new varieties. Was $17.95, now only $7.50!! Mint condition. While supplies last.
   Gardening with Bulbs  Cathy Buchanan  National Trust Ltd.  Paperback  Pub Overstock  $6.75
 " There are bulbs for every season and for every garden situation, and nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the properites of the National Trust. If you want to grow snowdrops in vast drifts from your front door to your garden gate in the style of Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire, make your tulip displays succeed each spring; or if you want to do more with bulbs than buy a bag of daffodils each yeard, Gardening with Bulb offers you hints and tips from the experts."
   Grape Grower  Lon Rombough  Chelsea Green  Paperback  New  $35.00
 2002. 289 pages, indexed and illustrated with line drawings throughout and eight page color photo insert. There are few guides for organic viticulture being published and this one is a good, contemporary reference on the subject of grapes. The author has four decades of grape growing experience.
   Great Book of Hemp  Rowan Robinson  Inner Traditions  Paperback  Fine  $12.00
 1996. "The complete guide to the environmental, commerical, and medicinal uses of the world's most extraordinary plant". Was $19.95, now only $12.00. 247 pages, indexed. Bright, colorful paperback cover with black and white illustrations throughout.
   Grow with Your Plants  Lynn/Joel Rapp  Tarcher  Paperback  Poor  $5.00
 Well worn, A delightful book with great, humourous line drawings. Good information about growing potted plants too!
   Handbook for Flower Shows  William Mrs. Barton  Natl. Council of State Garden  Paperback  Good  $4.90
 1971 Revised edition of the 1965 Handbook. Second printing. How to Grow For, State, Exhibit & Judge a Flower Show - prepared by the National Council of State Garden Clubs. Green leather cover with gold text. Pages are clean.
   Herbs for Use and Delight  Daniel Foley  Dover  Paperback  Good  $5.00
 An anthology from the Herbalist. Interesting and helpful information.
   How to Grow More Vegetables  John Jeavons  ten speed  Paperback  New  $19.95
 6th edition, revised in 2002. "…..and fruits, nuts, berries, grains, and other crops"…."than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine. A 'grow biointensive' publication. "How to Grow More Vegetables" is a classic and has helped revolutionize food production around the globe. Focus is on organics, sustainable mini-farming, and bio-intensive techniques. Author John Jeavons is director of ECOLOGY ACTION, an environmental research and education organization based out of California. Suggested retail is $17.50, offered here for $16.00.
   How to Grow More Vegetables *  John Jeavons  Ten Speed  Paperback  Good  $8.00
 *than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine. Yes, this is Jeavons classic biodynamic, french-intensive handbook on gardening technique. Plain language and easy to understand diagrams on how to do it. Especially good chapters on bed preparation and the double-dig method. Book is slightly worn on edges with owner name on inside front. Binding is good and flexible, pages clean and unmarked.
   Humanure Handbook  Joseph Jenkins  Joseph Jenkins Inc.  Paperback  New  $25.00
 2005. 3rd Edition. "A Guide to Composting Human Manure." Emphasizing minimum technology and maximum hygienic safety. One of the few trustworthy books on the subject.
   Hydrangeas  Daria Price Bowman  Friedman/Fairfax  Paperback  New  $10.00
 This is a slender, 112 page, glossy-colored tribute to the extravagant beauty of HYDRANGEAS. Sprinkled with delightful bits of lore and practical tips for growing all kinds of hydrangeas. Eye-popping photography and lovely design. Perfect gift for the hydrangea enthusiast. Was $14.95, now only $10.00.
   Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening  George Nicholson  L. Upcott Gill  Hardcover  Poor  $32.00
 Published in London - no date. This is Volume I - A to CAR. "A Practical and Scientific Encyclopaedia of Horticulture for Gardeners and Botanists." Lovely old book. 264 pages. Lots of illustrations, some full page a few are color. Dark green cover with black & gold text, black illustrations. Cover is separating from spine and there seems to be a covering pasted to the back - quite worn but still beautiful. Owner name inside that has been marked out with blue magic marker. Yellowed pages, some are soiled. Edges are gilt.
   Illustrated Enc of Indoor Plants  Kenneth/Gillian Beckett  Doubleday  Hardcover  Very Good  $16.00
 An excellent encyclopedic reference with gorgeous full color botanical paintings of flowers.
   Indoor Gardeners How-to-Build-it Book  Jack Kramer  Simon & Schuster  Hardcover  Very Good  $7.00
 "Easy-to-Make terrariums, pedestals, shelves, light units, trays, hanging planters and more - in beautiful new designs that will heighten the joys of growing plants indoors" - Well that's quite an explanatory subtitle! The book is in very good condition, with textured green covers and white lettering. Dust jacket is also very good, bright, and no wear or tears. Protective cover. 122 pages with B&W illustrations and photos.
   Instant GT Healthy Cacti  John Pilbeam  Times Books  Hardcover  Mint  $3.00
 Small HC with glossy full-color cover. Well illustrated and informative. Nifty handbook to have around if you love cacti!
   Invisible Garden  Dorothy Sucher  Counterpoint  Hardcover  Mint  $50.00
More about this bookThis beautiful little hardcover book is a 1st Edition signed by both the author and the illustrator. It is a story of reflection, describing one woman's journey from soil to soul.
   Lilies  H S Adams  McBride, Nast and Co  Hardcover  Good  $15.00
 This delicate 1913 publication devoted to LILIES is subtitled, "Being one of a series of flower monographs". Adams more oft seen "Making of a Rock Garden" was widely published. Includes sections on lilies for Northern gardens, tender and capracious lilies, essential cultural points, growing lilies under glass, common pests, and lilies as cut flowers. Very nice volume with a painted embossed cover illustrating a formal garden. Binding very strong, pages good, marginal wear to the outside spine and corners.
   Little Book of Climbing Plants  Alfred C Hottes  A T De La Mare  Hardcover  Fair  $12.00
 1933. X-lib copy with modest property marks. Small, orange volume with black lettering on front and spine. Somewhat dirty along front spine and with minor edgewear. Inside pages are clean and overall the book is a nice sturdy little volume. No dust jacket. B&W photos and charts complement the text. "Including a discussion of climbing roses, ground covers, trailers, arbors and trellises."
   Masters Book of Bonsai   Japan Bonsai Association  Kodansha  Hardcover  Very Good  $10.00
 A compact, illustrated guide to Bonsia styles, technique and cultivation. Collecting plants from nature, growing cuttings, grafting, layering and dividing, and basic ongoing care. Nice examples of established bonsai plants will inspire the reader to try their hand at growing their intricate, intrigueing trees in miniaturized form. Book is clean and very sturdy.
   Meet the Natives  M. Walter Pesman  Self Published  Paperback  Good  $5.00
 1959. Sixth Edition Revised. Photos by Robert C. Grout. "An Easy Way to Recognize Wildflowers, Trees and Shrubs of the Central Rocky Mountain Region. Spiral bound. Pages are clean - some wear and tear.
   Money in the Garden  P.T. Quinn  Orange Judd  Hardcover  Good  $24.95
 1871. "A Vegetable Manual." 268 pages. Writing in front - very nice calligraphy though. Cover is worn.
   Mother Earth's Hassle-Free Indoor Plant  Lynn and Joel Rapp  Hawthorne/Tarcher  Paperback  Very Good  $5.00
 I love the simplicity, obvious love of plants, and quirky drawings in this book on indoor plants. Published in 1973 but the information remains relevant almost thirty years later. Book is a little darkened around the edges, otherwise it is a sturdy and well-preserved copy.
   Mother Earths Hassle-free Indoor Plants  Lynn and Joel Rapp  Hawthorn/Tarcher  Hardcover  Very Good  $10.00
 Kind of a trippy book with those classic 1970's hippie drawings. A good beginners guide because it is fun and recommends about a dozen really gratifying plants to grow. So it is all very manageable. Has a faded library stamp on the top page edges but no other markings.
   New Organic Grower  Eliot Coleman  Chelsea Green  Paperback  Mint  $24.95
 Coleman's breakout book, revised and expanded in 1995. This is a "master's manual of tools and techniques for the home and market gardener", with a forward by Paul Hawken. Eliot Coleman has made an important contribution to the organic movement in the Northeast.
   Orchids of Australia  John J and David P Banks Riley  Princeton University Press  Hardcover  Near Fine  $42.00
 2002. Illustrations by John J Riley. Gorgeous, oversized volume. Each orchid get's it's own full double spread, text on left, illustration on right. Illustrations by John J Riley, Beautiful detailed example of contemporary botanical illustration. Book is black cloth over boards with silver lettering down the spine. Hardly worn. Dust jacket is also excellent, just slightly (and uniformly)dirty along spine. Protective cover. Inside, all is quite clean, good, unmarked, as new. Oversized volume would necessitate increased shipping charges.
   Organic Gardening Magazine   Organic Gardening    Paperback  Fair  $9.50
 December 1977, An early issue of the classic "Organic Gardening and Farming magazine. Small 5" x 7" format. 75 cents. With picture of an amaranth plant in color on front cover "Amaranth Secrets of the Aztecs" Magazine is in good condition, more worn at the spine and interior pages have darkened. But really fun to look through, especially the ads and such.
   Overlook Guide to Winter Gardens  Sonia Kinahan  Overlook Press  Hardcover  Mint  $8.50
 With 60 illustrations and 20 in full color. Always nice to see a book devoted to gardening in winter climates as so many garden books fall short in that regard. So stated by a true Northern girl.
   PERENNIALS  Marion Ferraud  Evergreen Germany  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $14.98
 1998. This is a beautiful, oversized volume devoted to perennial flowers. Baby blue boards, with dynamic, colorful dust jacket. Dust jacket profiles one of the many gorgeous flowers photographed by Paul Starosta. Very nice, very powerful and definitely inspiring for the flower love and the flower grower. Book has deep green endpages, 127 pages, glossary and index. Publisher overstock at a super bargain price.
   Plant Pruning in Pictures  Montague Free  Doubleday  Hardcover  Very Good  $14.00
 1961. "How, When, and Where to Prune, and with what Tools." An illustrated step by step with 320 B&W photographs and over 70 line drawings to illustrate technique. Dust jacket is lightly faded on spine. Protective cover. Inside, all pages are clean and unmarked. Binding sturdy. The book is of good character and offers solid insight into pruning technique. 283 pages, indexed.
   Plants for a Future  Ken Fern  Permanent Publications  Paperback  Very Good  $14.50
More about this bookSubtitled "Edible and Useful Plants for a Healthier World", this book offers a marvelous and worthy insight into creating gardens, farms and woodlands that exist in harmony with nature. Excellent chapters on ponds, woodlands, non-traditional gardens, farms, and even edible lawn landscaping. Published at $29.95, now only $14.50!
   Rare Orchids  Bela Kalman  Bulfinch  Hardcover  Pub Overstock  $18.98
More about this book1999. Yeehaw! This is a gorgeous book on orchids, and now it is reduced from $45.00 to only $18.98. We are excited to save it from the warehouse and bring to our customers at such a great price. Beautiful blue cloth with a vivid dust jacket, decorated endpages and page after page of color photos of orchids close-up and personal. 143 pages, indexed. Click on image to see pic and read more.
   Savage Garden  Peter D'Amato  ten speed  Paperback  New  $21.95
 1998. This is a beautifully produced volume on "Cultivating Carniverous Plants'. Gorgeous color cover illustrates a Sarracenia Purpurea X Flava. The frontispiece is a Victorian botanical print with a quote from "The Vampire Lestat" - 'Ah but we are splendid devils aren't we? Hunters of the Savage Garden'. Great color photos throughout make for easy identification of species and hybrids. Excellent and recommended.
   Secret Life of Plants  Peter Tompkins  Harper & Row  Hardcover  Good  $20.00
 1973. Stated First Edition. "A Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Relations Between Plants & Man." 402 pages. A small amount of underlining inside. Cover is soiled but sturdy. DJ has pieces missing - now in protective cover.
   Stop Talking to Your Plants and Listen  Elvin McDonald  Funk and Wagnall  Hardcover  Very Good  $10.00
 This book has a refreshingly humerous bent, but the information provided on basic houseplant care is right on and practical. Includes "Fifty Talking Plants, Their Complaints, and How to Respond". Book is in excellent condition and dust jacket is colorful and in very good condition.
   Subtropical Vegetable Gardening  P.H. Rolfs  MacMillan  Hardcover  Fair  $38.00
 1916. From the Rural Science Series - L.H. Bailey Editor. 309 pages - indexed. We HAVE to sell this online because no one here in Vermont can use this book! Some holes in cover and some pages. Spotting, bookstore, mark, blue mark on outside closed pages.
   Timber Cutting Practices  Steve Conway  Miller Freeman  Hardcover  Very Good  $13.50
 1978. A Forest Industries Book. Compact and filled with many illustrations, charts, diagrams and graphs. Third Edition. Brown hard cover with marginal edgewear. Full dust jacket is also in very good condition, with tear at top spine edge and some edgewear. Book is sturdy and square, free from any previous owner marks. Clean.
   Tropical and Subtropical Trees  Margaret Barwick  Timber Press  Hardcover  Near Fine  $52.00
 2004. "An Encyclopedia". Editor in chief: Anton van der Schans. Foreword by Larry M Schokman. Illustrations by Jan Barwick Claudy, With 2,305 illustrations, 1981 in color. Beautiful, oversized volume of deep green cloth over boards, vivid bold gilt lettering along spine. Near find condition. Dust jacket is also excellent with some (even) discoloration (darkened from white to ecru) along top and bottom edges. Inside, are pictorial endpages in a green duotone, and all interior pages are clean and unmarked. An extraordinary reference!
   Voilet Flower of Modesty  Stephen Andre  Author  Paperback  Good  $18.75
 1971. Small stapled pamphlet with information on the violet and some selections of poetry. Very sweet, very scarce. Nice lavendar cover with a violet illustration. Some sun fading. Has 2 clear pages with an illustration of a violet on one and a johnny jump up on the other - nice. No marks inside.
   Wood and Garden……. Set of four titles  Gertrude Jekyll  Ayer  Hardcover  Very Good  $38.00
 1983, Ayer Publishing. Set of four in same format. Beautifully produced titles, All the same size, color, form, etc. Light green boards with deeper green cloth at spine. Very neat, unworn. Each with shiny gray dust jackets, each with a colorful picture on front. Wood and Garden, Wall and Water Gardens, Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden, ROSES. No previous owner marks. Interior pages are clean, unmarked, unworn.


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